Integrate CAPTCHA into MT Comments

In the ongoing struggle to prevent comment spam, I would like to include a measure that would certainly eliminate all bots from posting to MovableType. I would like to implement a CAPTCHA into the mt-comments.cgi or so that all commenters would have to validate against a graphic.

There are a couple of sites that have something similar already functioning, for example, MrBlog has this working for his Greymatter. I know that there are existing Perl & PHP modules out there, I just don’t know how to integrate them.

As I mentioned before, I (personally) don’t give a hooey about the accessibility issues involved with using a CAPTCHA. Maybe that makes me a bad person. I’m OK with that. (Actually, Paypal has a quick ass work-around that involves the user actually listening to the random series.)But I’m not OK with the spam I’m getting in my comments.

It looks like we’re just one or two smart coders away from making this happen. Help!

12 thoughts on “Integrate CAPTCHA into MT Comments”

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  2. You get 5-6 a day! That’s ennoying! I started getting those commentspams since three weeks or so, but still get only 1 a week…

  3. Well, servers will be servers from time to time, I presume. That’s the only thing I can think of because everything else seems to correct.

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  5. My company is currently looking to implement CAPTCHA into our website. We currently are seeking advice and assistance. Could you post or email me the code you used or point me in the right direction? I could email you using my company’s email address if you like as I don’t like giving out my personal email address.

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