“Black Saturday”

I should have known something was up when all that rain and wind moved into Tallahassee this week before the game. Even though FSU practiced in the rain earlier this week, they got bogged down and damn near stalled out completely today against the feared and hated Hurricanes.

The defense couldn’t get dug in. Their was too much rain to take advantage of our better talent in the passing game – which meant Miami loaded up and shut down the Seminole running attack. FSU was very one dimensional. They got it together a little bit late in the game, but the game was largely decided by that point.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go cry in my beer and call & congratulate someone on their big win.

2 thoughts on ““Black Saturday””

  1. It was very hard to leave at halftime for our game the way things were going. We were just sick listening to it in the car — I’m sorry! 🙁

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