50 Free, Legal MP3s

EMusic.com is running a limited promotion. Sign up free and get 50 MP3 downloads. The site says they’ve got 950 labels signed up (most are independents), so you might find something you like.

Now, don’t give me any grief about being a cheapskate tonight. I just saw it at techbargains and thought of you. 🙂

1 thought on “50 Free, Legal MP3s”

  1. I signed up awhile ago for their service, but never found anything I wanted to listen to, and I had a lot of problems using it with Win2000. I gave up and signed up with Listen.com – who has everything I want to listen to and more, and I have been *really* pleased with it. Worth the $10 a month without a doubt. (And I’m cheap by nature.)

    Just thought I would share!

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