10 Ten Tivo Season Passes

PVRblog has the latest from the Tivo Newsletter – the top 10 season passes for Tivo users (along with my own yes/no status of my Tivos):

  1. Friends (No)
  2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (No)
  3. The West Wing (Yes)
  4. Sex and the City (Yes)
  5. ER (No)
  6. Survivor: Pearl Islands (Yes)
  7. Will & Grace (No)
  8. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Yes)
  9. CSI: Miami (No)
  10. Alias (No)

Based on anonymous, aggregated data, week ending 10/5/03

In other, completely unrelated Tivo news, if you don’t have a title wishlist set-up for “CHARLIE BROWN” (use pause to create the quotes!!), then you’re probably going to miss It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. No one wants that, so get that wishlist updated!

2 thoughts on “10 Ten Tivo Season Passes”

  1. The only one I have is Queer Eye. I heard someone is coming out with the DVD record/TiVo in one. That’ll be my next TiVo!

  2. I love the Charlie Brown Shows. I think I have them all captured so I can watch them on demand. I also noticed that you can get the DVD’s at Amazon, I haven’t checked Netflix yet.

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