What a beautiful day

Today is one of the best days ever. It is so beautiful outside. 70ish degrees – blue, blue sky, slight breeze. Just perfect.

I’ve got a hot date tonight. No idea what we’re going to do. There’s the Balloonfest in Plano, Octoberfest in Addison (where it is…apparently…already October???), and lots of other stuff going on. I know some one is hunting (read as drinking and shooting reptiles). Not sure what their better half might be up to (probably working), but still…there’s a lot going on.

Saturday is “International Go Cut the Damn Grass Day”, so I’ll be participating in that just before the FSU-Colorado game and a couple others I’m Tivo’ing.

Sunday is golf with my father-in-law and brother-in-law at Shady. Awesome. Of course ((golf pun!)), the Bucs play Sunday afternoon so I guess I have a hot date there, too!

3 thoughts on “What a beautiful day”

  1. Sounds like an action packed weekend. And we professionals call it “Killing silver backed doves” where we always limit out 🙂

    Have a good one and maybe you can get the Red Fury out but i wouldn’t count on it, I think she has plans to work.

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