Pretty busy day

Merrin and I had a pretty busy day today. Yeah, it turns out we did have enough time for everything.

I cut the grass this morning – more to announce the new day to my neighbors than to actually shorten the blade length, but I digress. Afterwards, Merrin needed a couple of things and the grocery was calling our name so we loaded up & headed out.

We got Merrin some shoes. Apparently the 84 black pairs were not appropriate for her current needs, so we’ve added an 85th black pair to the wardrobe.

We had breakfast at IHOP, which we rarely do because a) breakfast is generally a little early in the day for us, and b) we really don’t do IHOP all that often. It was pretty good, but I’m almost certain that our waitress, “Dallas”, was the stunt double for Large Marge in that Pee-Wee movie. Hard to eat with her around, but I guess we were fortunate in that she rarely came around.

Next was Home Depot. I wanted to get some flowers for the plant stand by the front door (it was looking a little silly just sitting there all empty!) and I had designs on an even bigger project. Merrin consented and I picked up several Blue Point Junipers to use along the fence line. Guess the neighbors will be upset.

We got home and Merrin planted the mums for the plant stand. She picked up a couple garnets and a gold. Hmm, that sounds familiar. I planted all the junipers and we both got that Genesis sensation thinking, “and it was good.” We kinda talked about laying out some kidney shaped plant beds, but that is going to have to wait until it’s a better season for it. I need to research it a little because it might be good to get the beds started in the fall and then do the planting in the spring. We’ll see.

Anyway, Merrin has a VIP dinner with her boss, boss’ boss, and other bigwigs tonight, so I’m just catching up on all the ballgames and laughing at the irony of Kid Rock doing Coor’s Light commercials.

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