News from the Far Side of the World

Margaritaville has some great pictures of the brave Parrotheads that are keeping this world safe. Here’s a sample:

Fins up, boys! Fins up, for sure.

Tonight’s concert is from LAS VEGAS and Jimmy loves Las Vegas. Should be a great show. Check out RadioMargaritaville tonight around 11p EDT for the show!

In other Buffett news, Jimmy is releasing six new live recordings exclusively at Apple ITunes this month. ((Damn ITunes!!)) The recordings will eventually be sold in stores and online @ Mailboat, but not until late October. I know some people are even more distressed than I am.

In closing, I leave you the greatness of “THE GREAT DIVIDE” and Pour Me a Vacation. I guess I missed ’em last night in Fort Worth and that is truly a shame.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Love & luck to y’all – I’m out.

PS – 10:20AM this morning is “Lawn Mowing Music“. Think that’s a subtle hint??

2 thoughts on “News from the Far Side of the World”

  1. I’m sure Saddam would enjoy the Las Vegas concert. Maybe he’ll listen in on I’d keep the noise down though — those Parrothead servicemen are bound to hear “Southern Cross” and come running.

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