Funniest Website Ever??

I might lose my “man badge” for this, but here goes. There was an email circulating around work for this website: Divorce PREP : Secret Divorce Planning for Men. It might be one of the funniest websites ever. First, the graphics are totally absurd. Second, they have “5 hours of Digitally Mastered Advice”. Hey, I’ve got some advice: Marry someone you love. How long did that take? Two seconds? Who needs five hours?! Finally, there is this page with the following FAQ:

Q: How long does it take to make my plan? I hate her.
A: For most of our customers, it takes about 2 days once they have listened and used the software. Of course this varies.

I about spewed Red Bull all over the screen when I read that! I know that there could be some desperate guys out there, but come on fellas….

The kicker in all this? $179 bucks! You just have to know that this is the creation of some really smart women like in that First Wives Club movie.

Hey, guys! If you’re stupid enough to buy this, then you probably deserve all that you have coming to you. I hope she takes you for everything you’ve got.

PS – For the record, I wouldn’t talk about “secret planning” if I was actually doing some “secret planning”. I think that’s a ringing indictment for all the guys who haven’t posted this link.

2 thoughts on “Funniest Website Ever??”

  1. You missed the funniest line from the whole FAQ section…”Your interest in divorce is natural and cannot effectively be used against you.” Like divorce is just another hobby or something most people read up on in their spare time.

    Any man with a “natural” curosity and interest in divorce should have never become a husband in the first place.

  2. Figures, you should see some of the things, I assume, men are searching for when they find my “Ex Files” blog…. “hide your money in divorce” “how to hide assets from ex-wife” etc… makes me want to slap them.

    OMG… it is ONLY for men who have not yet filed-it’s too late by then….in the red box…

    “Save $1,000’s on alimony and child support payments – forever”

    okay now that ticks me off



    What? So your marriage sucks and then “the husband” starts keeping “her” happy and taking “her” on trips… oh yeah then have her served with Divorce papers…

    okay I have read enough… If I had $179 to blow I’d buy it and set up a WOMEN~ Divorce Secrets Your Husband Just May Have PAID $179 ~ For you FREE!!! Click Here to bust his….

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