What’s New

Not too much. You?

If you must know (and I really do appreciate that you clicked to find out more!!):

  • work is going really well
  • Fanblogs.com is getting ready to just rock out since the season is a few weeks away
  • I’m trying to get a meet up going with Red&Man
  • My wife is still totally in love witha 56 year old Don Henley – exactly twice her age
  • I’ve got a busy night planned implementing the last hacks for Fanblogs.com and The Amazing Race, so I gotta run. I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blog today, but tomorrow is all about you. 🙂 (Yes, I’m talking to you. Yes, you.)

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    1. You know what, Mr. Kev? I found your blog last year from a Google search for college football blogs. I’m looking forward to FanBlogs getting into full swing.

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