Strange days are among us!

Some days you have wierd days at work. Some days you have really wierd days at work.

Today my Director received a very special delivery…annonymously…from PetsMart….at the office.

Someone (client? friend? former employee?) from North Carolina sent him a hamster. That’s right…a hamster. But they didn’t send just a hamster, mind you. They sent the whole kit and caboodle: Hamster, cage, running track, wheel, water bottle, you name it. They even sent the wood chip stuff that goes in the cage. The guy from PetsMart stopped by the office and set the whole thing up for him.

Now, without dragging your minds way down into the gutter (because my boss is a great guy), who sends a hamster?

5 thoughts on “Strange days are among us!”

  1. …if it was me telling the story – it would have included a kitten too (yes, up until very recently I thought that phrase was “Kitten Caboodle” – How scary is that? However, in your story, it probably would have been even funnier if I thought it was “Kitten and a Poodle”) Ok. Rambling now. Getting a hamster for a random present is pretty odd. Now the question is – did it do the hamster dance?

  2. I do, I do… the hamster represents a “former employee” who is no longer in your “company’s” rat race… You know those wheels that hamster’s run on for hours… and this “former employee” is doing very well ’cause he or she did send the whole kitandkaboodle… (just dies.. Kitten and a Poodle)

    I think it was a female because she did send the whole thing, where a guy would just send the hamster and the wheel… well maybe a water bottle, too. Well, unless he was a animal rights activist…

    Ok so you guys going to make this into a contest…or an office pool? And what did your director name the little rodent?

  3. Aww, I wish I had the kind of workplace where clients send hamsters! I like the last theory best, btw. I feel like that hamster in a wheel sometimes! *Wiggles nose conspiratorally*

  4. No way!! THAT’s hilarious!!! You got me curious on that one…. I think Aurora is right… it’s a girls thing to buy all the stuff….

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