8 thoughts on “Finally! Sweet Relief!”

  1. You can have some of my rain, but only if you take some heat too! We had quite a thunderstorm come through downtown yesterday, just in time for rush hour!

  2. I hate rain @ rush hour. It’s such a cluster-f. That being said, I’ll take all the rain you can spare. Hell, I’ll build an ark if I gotta. I’m damn tired of running the sprinklers!

  3. I have a distaste for the storm I was in yesterday. I was driving home through Houston, and one of the most ominous storms I’ve seen in quite a while decided to play havok with my freeway. I was doing 75mph down 59 through downtown, and the thunder was so loud it was vibrating my truck.

    I love storms. Just not while driving in the middle of them.

  4. Yeah we really needed that rain. No rain and those 105+ days were making for some bad days. It was so nice today outside after the rain stopped.

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