Crash Different

A little something special for my Mac enthusiasts. It’s been passed around a lot but comes to me via John via Rebecca via The Scobleizer. This one gets better and better the longer you watch it. I know some you Mac die-hards have felt this way.

“Crash Different”

5 thoughts on “Crash Different”

  1. That’s hilarious.

    My suggestion for an alternate title? “When Macs attack” I tear up when I think of how my old work Mac used to chow down on my completed PageMaker files. Thank heavens I talked them into going the PC route – of course that made my home mac not much more than a glorified DVD player…

  2. Hmm.. very interesting. You know I can count on 1 hand how many times my mac has crashed since i’ve had it. There aren’t enough hands and fingers to even begin to count how many times I’ve crashed my windows based PC, just this year. And my Linux based PCs, I don’t know if i’ve ever even crashed one. But thats just me, its not like i really know much about these things.

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