Are you a genius?

Are you a genius? Code monkey? Alpha geek? Good. I need your help.

I need an sql query that will search the MT db and extract the following:

  • Name of post
  • Author
  • Permalink
  • across the entire database (for several blogs on the same MT mySQL database).

    If you can do that – in my book – you’re a genius. And I owe you a beer.

    4 thoughts on “Are you a genius?”

    1. Kevin are you going to utilze this information inside PHP or perl? Here is the basic query you want:
      SELECT author_name, entry_title, blog_archive_url, entry_id, blog_file_extension
      FROM `mt_entry` , mt_author, mt_blog
      WHERE entry_author_id = author_id and entry_blog_id = blog_id

      That will return all the parts that you need to do something with the information.

      I wrote some quick php and get the follwing:

    2. You are a bad-ass mofo. I’ll email you. The sucky part is I thought for sure that someone from far away would hook me up and I’d be off the hook for the beer. Damn!

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