I am so exhausted. Who knew that museums could be so much work?!

Yesterday, Merrin and I loaded up and headed out for a trip back down to our old stomping grounds, Fort Worth. Merrin called her Mom and we all decided we were headed to the Kimbell for “The Quest for Immortality” exhibit of Egyptian antiquities. Afterwards, we would browse through the Modern.

Of course, no trip to Fort Worth is complete without requisite stops at Kinkaid’s for a huge, Zagat recommended cheeseburger and the obligatory margarita (make that two three) and meal at Uncle Julios.

The Kimbell exhibit was exceptional. The exhibition features works found in the royal tomb at Tanis in northern Egypt – one of two complete tombs found un-plundered (the other being King Tut). Almost all of the pieces have never been outside Egypt. One of the coolest exhibits is life-sized facsimile of the burial chamber of the New Kingdom pharaoh Thutmose III. The walls are fully covered with the first known complete copy of the Amduat, an illustrated funerary text intended as a guidebook to the afterlife. It’s amazing. The whole exhibit has some incredible pieces. The audio tour is exceptional. There is even a kids tour – which I will admit I caught pieces of while the crowd moved through the exhibit.

What can you say about the Modern Art Museum that hasn’t been said since it re-opened. I don’t care how many Wharhols, Miyajimas, Weems, Longs, or Picassos you put on display, the most incredible piece will always be the building itself.

I think one of the most amazing “artsy” moments of the day was standing between the two museums and being able to compare Tadao Ando’s Modern and Louis Kahn’s Kimbell. I like art (more or less), but to see these two buildings side by side. Wow!

The rest of the day was spent drinking, eating, and laughing. Much of it cannot and will not be repeated here. (I wish Allen could have been there!) Those of you who have experienced it first hand will surely understand! 😉

3 thoughts on “Yawn!”

  1. Wow! The Modern Art Museum is beautiful. I’ve unfortunately never been there. However, I think I’ve been to the Kimball (but I’m not positive). We’ve only ventured to FW a few times, but I’m thinking we need to make a trip!

  2. You definitely should. Both museums are awesome. And – if you’re a real museum buff – you can always spend the other half of your day at the Amon Carter, the Cowgirl Museum, or the Musuem of Science & History!

    I’m a patron for Kimbell, so we get in free – but a field trip is definitely in order!

  3. We’ve thought about the Kimbell’s Egypt exhibit, but the price is kind of high since we’ve both seen similar exhibits before. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about the museums, but I have to admit that I haven’t been to any of them 🙂

    Now Uncle Julios I have been to. Ummmmm. good!

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