Stick a fork in me!

I’m exhausted. I’m beat. I’m tired. Is it vacation yet?

I normally don’t share too much about work, but I just gotta y’all…. The pace has been frantic at work the two weeks.

First, there was the “re-commitment” that came from my boss man’s “we’re not aggressive enough” speech to the entire team. I know that he isn’t singling any one person out, but I try to be a leader & cheerleader for the sales office. So, if we’re going to be more aggressive, I’m going to be right out there in the front being exceptionally aggressive (GRR! I’m aggressive! GRR!) except – for me – this is honestly kinda hard because my very nature is to be very aggressive. The Director of Ops jokingly calls me “The Closer” (while tapping his left arm a la Sparky Anderson) because once I get a tentative program in place, I will generally seal the deal. OK – I’m rambling, but my point is we’re being more aggressive which takes me from 2x as aggressive as most people to, like, 4x.

Of course, all this aggressive behavior also coincided with the end of the month (June), which also coincided with the end of the quarter. In other words, it’s the absolute crunch time to get contracts signed. I was ahead of my bonus, so I really wanted to get my contracts in because our bonuses escalate for every x% over 100% of our goals. Nothing like a little extra pressure to take me from “Capt. Aggressive” to damn-near psycho.

Let’s add in a little more, shall we? OK. Well, this is the slowest week of our year (sales effort wise) in the resort industry. Therefore, it’s the time when we do next year’s goals, budgeting, and forecasting. Somehow Fortune 500 companies have the ability to make this ungodly complicated process even more complicated and tedious. And, since I’m trying to get ahead in the world, I’m involved in the process. Yeah, that’s piling it on.

Finally, we’re throwing a party this weekend. Not just a little afternoon tea, but a full-blown resort party with live music and 200 or so of my closest clients. Did I mention that -since I handle the local market- the majority of the invitees are my guests. That means I’m calling them to invite them, getting their reservations squared, handling all the amenities and the little “who would have ever thought of that!” things. It goes without saying that you never invite strangers to these things – nope. It’s our best accounts and prospects. So all four diamonds have to be absolutely flawless, so to speak. Very detailed work.

So, I’ve been a little off over the last couple days. I’m beat. I’m tired. I’m ready for it all to be over. Luckily there’s a holiday coming up. ((Smacks Forehead)) D’oh! I’m the party host! No holiday for you!

I have a little sign on my desk and it pretty much sums up my lot in life: You only whip the lead horse. So, if I’m taking a beating (and I feel like I might be!), it’s only because I’m pulling the team. Or at least I am in my own little mind.

Therapy? Who needs it! In the words of St. Jimmy, “Therapy is extremely expensive, popping bubble wrap is radically cheap…you choose which one helps with your problem…I’m gonna get some sleep!” (lyrics)

Sorry to pull back the curtain so much. Bet your wishing you had just skipped this post, huh?! Anyway, thanks for listening. You’re a great sounding board, Mr. Blog. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stick a fork in me!”

  1. At my last job, I had, and still sort of do, that disease you seem to have. The one where you work more than just your ass off for the company. Just make sure it’ll all be worth it later on down the road.

  2. Good advice, for sure. I keep everything in balance. I’m one that *very rarely* “brings work home” and I’m not talking about actually bringing anything home – but the emotional stuff. Once I hit that door, I’m g-o-n-e. I think it’s the margaritas, really.

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