Last night’s party at the resort was HUGE! The resort was sold out and we had more than 800 people to watch fireworks and enjoy some great food! Of course, I saw none of the fireworks and had no dinner whatesoever. Merrin drove out to try to enjoy the night & ended up leaving after about an hour. Why? Superhero alterego “Kevin the Sales Guy” was working his charm on the crowd of meeting planners and VIP guests. I ended up doing resort tours and such all night. Great for business – not so hot for enjoying the holiday.

Today we’re reversing the trend by doubling up on date night. We’ve got some cinematherapy planned in Grapevine this afternoon with a tag team of movies: Nemo & the Angels. Yeah, our brains will be mush and we’ll never want to see popcorn again in our lives – but it sure sounds like fun! Y’all have a great Saturday!

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