Blog Includes: Do it Kim’s way

Kim had a dream: She wanted a great way to archive her posts about movies. She had thought about a sideblog. She had even considered plugins. But when push came to shove, Kim went her own way – which (even though I don’t “know” Kim) just seems like something Kim would do. 🙂

Kim came up with a really simple solution. She new that she wanted a separate blog just for the movies. It would let her get more creative with the layout, templates, and save time on her rebuilds. She created a brand new blog (Movies) and used daily archiving as one of her archive methods. She experimented with the MtOtherBlog plugin, but didn’t like the way it sorted her entries. So Kim used a php include to pull the posts for each day directly into her regular blog on her main index. A super easy and super fast solution using the php include!

Code Sample:

<div class=”MTdate”&rt;<$MTEntryDate format=”%A, %x”$&rt;</div>
<?php @include(“../movies/daily/<$MTArchiveDate format=’’$>”); ?>

Yay! Kim! 😉

4 thoughts on “Blog Includes: Do it Kim’s way”

  1. Now that you posted this, I moved the PHP include to the date footer instead of date header. *sigh* I never can stop fussing with things. 🙂

  2. I’m easily confused, so I’m just wondering … is that similar to how I pull my photos from Pixelog in to my main blog? When I pull in the large photo, not the thumbnails.


  3. Kim’s is a little different because it actually pulls the corresponding post into the specific date on the index page. I think yours pulls the most recent post period – regardless of date. Kim’s “floats” down the page as the days roll by.

    I think (in general) they are not completely different in that they are php includes – just different implementations.

    It takes different strokes to move the world, yes it does. It takes different strokes to move the world. Hmmmm.

    What you talking about, Willis?!

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