When Ringtones Attack

One of my big pet peeves is when people with cell phones stand in a very public place and allow their phones to ring repeatedly. These folks generally fall into two categories: the “Hopelessly Clueless” and the “Hopelessly Hopeless”.

The “Hopelessly Clueless” are the last people to know that it’s their cellphone ringing. I find that a lot of women fall into this category. After six-eight rings, they think, “Oh! Could that be my phone? Oh! It is. Oh! I missed it!” This seems to happen in very public places, but for some reason restaurants are big players for the “Hopelessly Clueless” crowd.

Slightly more annoying are the “Hopelessly Hopeless”. These are the a-stars (my new slang for a**es – cool?) that know it’s their phone and stand there looking at the caller ID. The “Hopelessly Hopeless” are generally of the male persuasion. Answer your phone or don’t – I don’t give a flip, but silence the damn thing ASAP. Again, public places are a huge player for the “Hopelessly Hopeless” as well.

And the prospects don’t look to be getting any better. Wired highlighted some new trends in ringtones that I’m afraid are going to cause my to have to duct tape my head to keep it from exploding. Modtones has some ringtones that are starting to spread like mono during freshman orientation.

It seems that the “young-stas” are loading up their phones with fart ringtones. Great. Just the thing to ruin my movie-going experience permanently. And how did we ever get by without voice ringtones? Do we really need this?

That being said, I’m a sucker for a really great ringtone and –if this is where the future is headed– Modtones does offer a wide variety. Here are some that I think would be ideal for my fellow bloggers:

My ringtone – (only one person ever calls me!)
Merrin’s ringtone
Robyn’s ringtone
Camille’s ringtone – ‘cuz she’s a “real” Texan that drinks “real” beer 😉
Todd’s ringtone
Josh’s ringtone
Jennifer’s ringtone
Chris’s ringtone
LoneAggie’s ringtone
Kim’s ringtone

7 thoughts on “When Ringtones Attack”

  1. Ok – that just creeped me out. LOL!! And yes, I’m guilty of not answering my phone – but my excuse is that no one ever calls me so I assume the phone I hear ringing belongs to someone else. LOL! – of course it could be a viscious cycle: do I not answer the phone because no one calls me – or does no one call me because I don’t answer my phone. 😎

  2. For the record: I always answer my phone if it’s turned on, and I always know that it’s MY phone that’s ringing. How many other people would have the “Muppet Show” theme song as their ring tone?

  3. I’m most jealous that I don’t have a ring tone. 😉 However, I can point out to Merrin that *I* have the “Muppet Show” theme song as a ring tone on my phone. It is assigned to Mike because he loves the Muppets! My default tone right now is some tone that came with my phone. Nothing special.

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