The greatness of SportsClips

I just want to give a huge plug to my new friends at SportsClips. What a genius idea! Think you’re average walk-in barbershop (ex: Great Clips, Fantastic Sams, etc) but stocked to the hilt with TVs showing the ballgame. Throw in a pretty dog-gone good haircut and a shampoo, and I’m bound to be back time & again. The newest location in D/FW is the Flower Mound SportClips (but I’d rather not give you the location so I don’t have to wait when I go out there!)

Best part about SportsClips – besides the good prices, good haircuts, and all the TVs? Complimentary neck “cleanups” between haircuts. What more could a guy want?

1 thought on “The greatness of SportsClips”

  1. I have been thinking all morning about how to improve upon the SprotsClips experience and I did come up with one small addition: Hooters Girls. Oh well, if we always got everything we wanted then there wouldn’t be nothing else to want for, would there?!

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