The end of the Miller Light Catfight Commercials?

What? Say it isn’t so! Miller Brewing is pulling the plug on the Catfight series of commercials. While they were incredibly successful in creating a buzz and lots of water cooler talk, apparently they haven’t helped Miller sell any more beer.

If Miller really wants to sell more beer, I have an honest to goodness recommendation that might help: Make a beer that doesn’t suck. Miller & Miller Light are two beers that I absolutely won’t drink at all – and that’s saying a lot. I don’t care what commercials they end up using in the post-catfight era, but if they don’t make a better tasting beer I’ll never buy the stuff.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind one or two more catfight commercials, ya know, for sentimental reasons. For those of you who are choked up already (heh, heh) here are my catfight posts and links to watch the commercials online.

13 thoughts on “The end of the Miller Light Catfight Commercials?”

  1. Dude! Miller Lite was my beer of choice back in college. Now that I’m a wimpy drinker, I have to drink Bud Light b/c Miller Lite is too strong! Before you know it, I’ll be drinking Coors Light.

  2. Camille: I am shocked and appalled at your outright denial of your inner Texan. You mean to tell me that when you order a beer it is not a Coor’s Light (although if you’re truly a native, you’d order a “Kerrrrr’s Laht”)? You astound me.

  3. Hmph. Kevin, you should know that what you are referring to is not a beverage in the way of other beverages. Meaning its not something to drink when you’re thirsty, or hot. Such as a cola, a beer, water. It is considered a functional beverage.

    Merrin, I like to think of Miller Lite and Bud Light as the more “Texas” beer. They sport the Red, White, and Blue labels where yours and Kevs flavored water doesn’t.

  4. Don’t give me that crap about Coors Light not being a “Texas beer”. It may not be based here, but it sure as heck gets served here.

    As far as labels, they all have Texas Labels. See?

    Besides, if you don’t want any, that’s just more for Merrin and I.

    Next thing you know you’ll be trying to say that the Margarita isn’t the official mixed drink of Texas. Sheesh! 😉

  5. Hey now! I do think Margaritas could possibly be the official mixed drink of Texas – but I don’t drink ’em. I can’t do Te-kill-ya.

  6. I don’t think you guys should be arguing about this… since you really have no feet on which to stand. Miller lite, Coors Lite.. and especially Bud Lite… are nothing more than Water.. not wonder you guys get pissed off 2 of our beers… 😉 Want a real beer? Hope over the border to your North (ie, Canada.) and then you can experience what is an actual beer.

    A Concerned Canuck… 😉

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