Sen. Kerry – What a shame

I have always been a big fan of Sen. Kerry from Massachusetts because I thought he stood up and spoke with integrity. A former POW, Kerry is considered pro-military.

The Senator has made a terrible error in judgement (personally and politically – in my opinion) and it’s gone un-blasted by most. Kerry has accused the President of misleading the country and the world on Saddam. It’s a shameful accusation and Kerry should be hung out on this one, most notably because Kerry sits on several key Senate committees devoted to military intelligence. He has access to much of the same information that the President has had access to and has (for years) made public comments that Saddam must be removed from power because of the risk of WMDs.

I guess this is going to be the basis of Sen. Kerry’s presidential campaign. Nice to know that both sides of his mouth seem to be working properly.

OK. No more political posts for a while – but this kind of double-talk and selling out for political purposes just gets me.