Poor Merrin

I feel really bad for Merrin. She hasn’t felt really well since we Florida. She’s had a sinus infection and a throat infection. She’s a little sensitive when I keep suggesting that it could be SARS (because of all the Canadians in FL), but…it really could be, you know?!

She really didn’t sleep last night. Well, that kinda made two of us, but I really didn’t mind it that much. I just felt bad for her. She still made it in to work today (I probably would have stayed home, but I’m a documented wimp). She came home early today, which means that she really didn’t feel well. Luckily she is scheduled off for tomorrow. Perhaps she’ll sleep a little better tonight and get some extra rest tomorrow.

Feel better, baby!

3 thoughts on “Poor Merrin”

  1. Hope Merrin is feeling a bit better by now. This thing is over here too. I’ve nearly lost my voice and Rob is suffering (as only males can!!)Do you think germs can pass by internet?

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