Oxiclean it!

OxicleanYeah, yeah. I’ve seen the infomercial and there is no way that stuff works that great. Right? Wrong.

After reading a couple of reviews online, I thought I’d give Oxiclean the chance to prove me wrong in the steam cleaner. I tested it in the closet (just to be sure) and then fired it off in the steam cleaner.


Since there aren’t any instructions on how to use Oxiclean in a steam cleaner, it might be helpful to know that I used 1 scoop per gallon as others have suggested and it worked great! Even the one or two “mystery” stains from the previous owners are gone, gone, gone! Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Oxiclean it!”

  1. I bought some Oxy Clean after someone at Central Market dropped a bottle of freshly squeezed carrot juice and it splattered all over my jeans. After about 3 washes all of those splattered stains were gone. I agree. The stuff is awesome! Great tip in the carpet cleaning!

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