One last day

The vacation comes to an end tonight. My week-long respite and birthday fiesta are drawing to a close. Tomorrow it is back to work. (Sigh)

Merrin and I tried to make the most of it today. I think she knows what I’m going through (even though she’s got another week off), so she humored me with a couple of extra excursions. We hit Home Depot to see how I might spend some of my birthday gift cards. We walked all the aisles, discussing the various projects that we have in mind for the house (landscaping, new lighting fixtures inside, new flooring, etc, etc).

We came out just a few dollars lighter, as most of my purchases were deferred so I can think about which project to tackle first. I did end up with a couple new sprinklers, a can of tree pruning sealer, and a bottle of Ortho Nothing Grow. (That’s not the name of it, but that’s what it does. It’s basically weed/grass killer that I use on the sidewalk cracks and around the fence line. Yes, it’s a chemical. Yes, I am a bad person. Have I mentioned I don’t recycle?)

After the Depot, we fell into our old routine: a trip to the grocery and home to see who blogged what. Nothing was terribly exciting in either endeavor (no offense intended to the blogging community at large – it’s just a slow weekend.)

I’m concerned about the Redhead, as she is currently AWOCWMF (absent without checking with me first). 🙂

Tonight caps the vacation with dinner for two and a movie. I’m grilling steaks and zuchs. Merrin’s cooking up some great stuff. Should be a nice night – just what I need to get me through the week.

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  1. I, too, am concerned about the Redhead. Perhaps your overuse of chemicals has contaminated the drinking water in the Metroplex….

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