Monkey SARS – Day 7

When is this going to end? I cannot shake the incredible whooping cough! This Monkey SARS virus has me by the larynx and will not let go. And it could not be happening at a worse time!

I’m having one my best sales months ever. I’m looking to make a huge bonus this quarter, but I’ve got to be in touch with my clients and get these contracts sent in. Here I am trying to “seal the deal” with my normally very nice voice (I kinda do have a good hunky, tall-strong, radio voice – or so I’m told.) I call my clients and they think I’m calling on behalf of the VA hospital or something. UGH!

I swear! If this keeps up, I’m gonna end up spending the rest of my life talking through one of those little electric razors you hold up to your throat!

Please Monkey SARS – release me!

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