Monkey SARS

OK. I went and did it. First Merrin was sick and now…you guessed it. I think I’m coming down with the Monkey SARS or whatever is going around. Last night was not a good night in the Donahue home. Two separate bedrooms competing to see who could avoid waking the other up with coughing fits. We sound like the Wheeze Ward over at the VA hospital.

I’m seeing the Doc this afternoon after a half day at work. I can’t stand to suffer through for two or three days like Merrin has. I think she was secretly hoping I would get sick so she could get my meds without going to the doctor. (She’s a wimp!)

If anyone’s got a Sam’s Club size bag of lozenges, drop ’em off over here in whooping cough ville, OK?

7 thoughts on “Monkey SARS”

  1. Hmm.. the monkey SARS that could be it. You know if chipmunks can get it, then maybe the rabits had it and passed it to you. Just a thought, have a nice day.

  2. When I first heard about this “monkey sars” I thought it was a joke. How can you name some deadly disease “Monkey SARS”?? I keep thinking ‘silly’ like “Monkey Brains”… Let’s call the next disease “The Funky Monkey”. It’s catchy. I like it.

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