I’ll take “variety” for $100, Alex

I’ve really got a mix up my routine a little. I’ve got such a case of cabin fever and it’s always worse on Sundays – generally because Merrin works late on Saturday nights and is (understandably) in no mood to go out and do too much.

This morning I cut the grass (some more grass – I was bored last night so I cut the grass last night, too). I was thinking we might sneak away for a Sunday brunch at La Madeline, catch a matinee movie or saunter through the mall, and then cap our day with a swim through the grocery store. At best it looks like I might get to go through a drive-thru for lunch and then -probably- the grocery. BAH!

It’s not Merrin’s fault, she doesn’t get home on Saturdays until 12:30a or 1:00a. I really don’t expect her to want to do too much. I just need find a new way to channel my energy. I’ve pretty much caught up on all my computer work, my inside the house “honey-do’s” are “honey-done”, and my landscaping projects require the assistance/supervision of the wife. (She has an eye for it!)

When does football season start again?!

UPDATE: We may have thought of something to do, so I’m gonna kick the ringer off the phone. If you get the answering machine, leave a message. We’ll call you back during intermission. 🙂

5 thoughts on “I’ll take “variety” for $100, Alex”

  1. Wow that borders on too much information. Be careful or you’re going to mow your yard down to the dirt out of boredom. My wife is usually exhausted on the weekends too, so I know how you feel.

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