Ice Cream Cones

It’s hot out. I’m hungry. Let’s talk ice cream.

I’m gonna make this a recurring theme this summer, so we’ll cover lots of topics, but ice cream talk has to start with ice cream cone talk. So, your thoughts and comments are appreciated!

Which do you prefer?

standardcone.jpg waffle.jpg
Standard Cone Waffle Cone

Personally, give me the standard cone. Yeah, it taste like Styrofoam. But, it’s what God intended. I don’t have a better reason. I just don’t like waffle cones. The ice cream melts and then you can never get at it way down in the bottom of that thing!

How ’bout you? Standard cone or waffle cone?

UPDATE: Images courtesy of the coneheadedblogger redheadedblogger! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Ice Cream Cones”

  1. I’ll take a waffle cone, even better if its got that little bit of chocolate at the very bottom. But If we are talking Dairy Queen soft serve dipped in chocolate, then the standard cone is just fine.

  2. Waffle cone, indubitably! I spent every summer of my high school career working in an ice cream shop eating waffle cones with vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.

  3. Conspiracy theory much, Camille?! 😉

    Nah, I just couldn’t find (because I’m lazy from dreaming of ice cream) a graphic that was about the right size and didn’t have a bunch of toppings and such.

    Let’s not get off track on the whole “soft serve” issue, because I’ve got some REALLY strong feelings there. Future topic, I promise. 🙂

  4. Standard cone – and if I may… we are going to the NJ shore in two weeks and there is simply no other soft ice cream like KOHR soft ice cream – and there’s no better place to have it except on the boardwalk on the jersey shore. MMmmmm… I can almost taste it now 😀

  5. You are not allowed to draw us offsides into “soft serve talk”. This is “cone talk” and only “cone talk”. You are being assessed a fifteen yard penalty. 🙂

  6. After a slightly embarrasing heat+icecream=mess incident in my youth, I have to go with a cup. It doesn’t taste as good as waffle cone, but I can control the mess a little better.

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