A little thing called “responsibility”

I think I had promised no politics for a while. Because of that little promise, I must advise you that this is not a political post. Instead I’d like to take a second and remind some yahoos of a little term we like to call “personal responsibility.”

The liberal action website, Moveon.org, has begun a call to arms, as it were, asking visitors to call their Senators and oppose Senate Bill 659.

Quoting from Moveon.org, the bill would:

“exempt gun manufacturers, distributors, and dealers from legal accountability in the courts”

Let me see if we all hear that the same way. The Senate wants to pass a bill that says if you build a gun and someone commits a crime with it, you can’t be sued. Sounds logical to me. Why? Just because I make a gun (or car or airplane or whatever) doesn’t mean that I have any control what so ever on how it is used. Right?

If Ford makes a Taurus and some a-hole buys it, drives it off the lot to a bar, drinks 20 beers, and kills a busload of kids while driving home drunk, is Ford responsible? No, the a-hole who did it is. You can’t sue Ford because they built the car. Same holds with any other manufacturer.

Moveon.org takes the “high road” by asking:

“Will your Senator vote to take away your rights and make it even easier for criminals to obtain guns?”

Huh? What? Did I sleep through all those civics classes? Where do I have a “right” to sue a manufacturer for how their product is used? How will legislating this issue make it “easier” for criminals to obtain guns? That’s not even a logical argument! Ugh!

I don’t know why the liberals at Moveon.org get me so worked up. They had this big “web election” a last week and show they had 317,647 votes cast. That’s after months of planning and promotion on the Moveon.org website and most of the Democratic candidates’ websites. Not exactly a mad rush in a two day span, is it?

Moveon.org is a PAC based in ((rolls eyes)) Berkeley, CA that grew out of the Clinton impeachment . So they’ve moved on. Great. They’ve tried to reinvent themselves over the years by being a “grassroots” fundraising group for Democratic candidates, opposing to the war in Iraq, and “taking a stand” against corporate America.

Hopefully they’ll keep requesting supporters protest legitimate legislation – that way the whole organization will eventually “move on”.

2 thoughts on “A little thing called “responsibility””

  1. I think there are times when gun manufacturers should be sued though. Mainly those that sell mail-order kits without checking up on who gets them, or the ones that market their guns as being able to pass through metal detectors unnoticed. As for the examples you stated though – I agree. The gun manufacturers are not at fault.

    Then again, the whole waiting period to buy a gun and the background checks are almost a joke anyways. The root of the problems are not something that the government can fix. They are up to us to fix them in our homes, our communities, our lives.

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