Wireless Audio/Visual Signal Sender

2.4GHz Audio/Video Signal SenderI cannot begin to express how in love I am with this new toy!

Background: After moving into the new house, the wife unit has finally gotten her oft requested third TV. (Side note: She is not aware of this fact as of this posting, as she is at work. SURPRISE!) The addition of a third TV creates a slight problem in that we have two rooms with full A/V (DirecTivos, DVDs, VCRs, stereo, blah, blah) and no way of connecting the third TV to any of these beloved feeds. Until now….

The 2.4GHz Audio/Video Signal Sender from Radio Shack is a God-send. I’m SO in love. Now I can broadcast the output directly one room straight into the new TV. And, since the Radio Shack units come with the built in I/R transfer, I can control the signal from either room. So, if the new TV is in a bedroom and the Tivo/DirectDVR/DVD/Satellite/whatever is in the family room, I can watch the signal in the bedroom and use the remote in the bedroom – just as I would if I were watching in the family room. (If you’re really interested, here’s the owners manual in pdf.)

I can’t begin to tell you how EXCEPTIONALLY cool this is. Every toy in the A/V cabinet can be accessed from the third TV…and I didn’t have to run a single cable. Just hook up the RCA jacks and BAM…instant access. So simple. And there are sooo many possibilities and, for right at $100, this thing is incredible!

If you’re looking to do a wireless audio/video transmit, there are only a few things to consider:

  1. Cordless phone – We don’t own a 2.4ghz phone, so we don’t care. The Radio Shack unit has four channels, so I presume that it shouldn’t get interference. Your mileage may vary (YMMV).
  2. I presume that there could be some slight interference if running the microwave at the same time, depending on the proximity. Perhaps I’ll test that theory tonight by having Merrin makes some popcorn! (C’mon – she just got the extra TV she wanted! What’s a little popcorn?!)
  3. You could get some interference from your wireless network. Again – this doesn’t apply to me as everything is CAT5 at the Donahue house. Again, I presume that you could set up different channels – one for the network and one for the A/V. That should eliminate any interference, I would think. YMMV

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  1. Is that what we’re calling it now? Popcorn?
    Seriously, this is the very best surprise ever (aside from my new truck this time last year). You’re the best!!!!!!!! I love you and THANKS!!!!!!

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  3. Very nice much nicer than the cheapo $20 swap meet version that I bought. I’m afraid that if my wife reads this post I just might be in trouble.

  4. if i have three tv’s in different rooms how can i connect them with Wireless Audio/Visual Signal Sender

  5. Updates:

    1) The microwave is a signal killer. D-E-A-D. If you’re using the microwave, you won’t be watching anything but static (and hearing a really wierd noise).

    2) Wireless shouldn’t be a problem at all. Go with the other channels or –better yet– check for a manual adjustment on your router for even less chance of “bleed”.

  6. I purchased the Radio Shack wireless signal sender today and used it tonight.

    I hooked it up to my dual tuner Tivo and got a perfect signal from the secondary tv to the primary one. With one imperfection. The color is not very good on the primary tv. In fact it is way below average.

    Any thoughts on this problem I am experiencing with the color issue.

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