Virus Warning

This one looks like it’s going to spread, folks.

There is a new email virus making the rounds. It is disguised with several different subject lines, but –so far– the “From” address seems to be consistent.

The I-Worm.Palyh appears as a message from I received the email (which AVG caught) three times this morning. The subject lines for the emails I received were “Cool screensaver” and “Re: My details“. There are a lot of other potential subject titles, it appears.

Let’s review Big Kev’s Anti-Virus Strategies one more time while we’re at it:

Rule #3: If rule #1 and #2 do not apply, DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS.

Update your scanners, especially if you’re on Windows Systems. Supposedly, this worm is to destruct and stop spreading at the end of the month – but no one knows for certain. So, go update your virus scanners and DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS.

For more info on this virus, please read this information. It documents all of the potential subject lines and other key info.

And, just one more plug for AVG Antivirus. It’s one of the best (and it’s free!) and auto-updates frequently!

5 thoughts on “Virus Warning”

  1. I got the “Cool Screensaver” email. I’m very proud to say that I deleted it, because I was smart enough to know Microsoft doesn’t go around emailing screensavers.

    I did not know that it had the new virus. *Updates Norton now* Thanks for the heads-up!

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