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I’m pretty good at creating problems, so it’s pretty nice when I can solve them on my own. Oh, I tried to get help. I cried like a baby on the MT forums begging someone to help me – but either no one knew or no one really thought it seemed that urgent. So, I went out and fixed it myself.

The new site,, had a problem. All of the conference blogs would ping and send their individual conference URLs to That’s a good thing (in theory) because we want everyone to know that the SEC blog (for example) has new posts, right? But the bigger problem was that it wasn’t reflecting the fresh content that was also being posted to the home page. Hence the problem.

I thought about using some php scripts. I thought I might re-loop the perl script that MT uses to ping weblogs and specify both URLs. I thought I might hand code all the urls to direct to the homepage.

In the end, it was much simpler than all that. makes a form available that sends a ping to show whatever URL entered on the form as updated. So, I took the URL that the form submits to, copied into the “URLS TO PING” box, and — poof — problem solved. Now all the blogs ping with their own URL and ping with the home page URL. YAHOO!

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  1. Well, I don’t know about being smart – desperate, maybe — or experienced at breaking things (and therefore knowledgeable in fixing them) maybe.

    Our Big XII editor is just back from vacation in Hilton Head and not returning email just yet. In the meantime, there just isn’t much “news” to blog. I’ve got some Big XII stuff coming later, so…stay tuned!

  2. Well, that’s a simpler solution than I would’ve been able to come up with! LOL! Sorry I wasn’t much help. Too much going on this week. (Oh, and I think this would make a good little post on scriptygoddess – with you as the guest author – hint hint) 😉

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