My New Button Finds a Home

Taylor has added my new FSU button to the Steal These Buttons Index. Only fitting that the Seminoles button would be the first of it’s kind there and equally fitting that it was created by yours truly.

Also, I created two more buttons to repay the kind words of the LoneAggie. They’re Antipixel style buttons for Texas A&M. (button 1 & button 2)

I tried to create an OU button for the Princess, but I suck at graphics and it just came out looking…not good. Perhaps she’ll be making one for all the Sooner fans soon???

Taylor’s made an RSS feed for the buttons and an upload page. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “My New Button Finds a Home”

  1. Thanks for the compliments on my buttons! 😉 I wish I could be like you and put the D/FW and Texan buttons on my site. But I can’t since I don’t live in Texas anymore. ::sigh:: That’s why I created the Arizonan button! Lol! Anyway, have a wonderful day! 🙂

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