My fence went down on me

Splinters. Ouch!

((OK. Bad joke.))

Last night’s storm walloped my fence and tore down at least one section. I didn’t notice it until after I let the dogs out this morning. Luckily, they were too “shocked and awed” to even ponder a romp through the neighborhood.

Looks like date night is going to involve a trip to Home Depot for some new fencing. Joy.

UPDATE: Our handy neighbor has offered to split the cost to replace the fence (it divides our yards). Better yet, he volunteered to do the work. Not being a “math whiz”, I had to get a pencil & paper to figure this one out:

New Fence = (½ * cost) + (0 * time)

I showed the guy my work and decided that it was –in fact– a good deal. So I told him to hop to it. Just for fun I think I’m gonna play “foreman” and sit out in the yard on a lounge chair. I’ll shout advice through a bullhorn while he’s putting up the new fence. HA!

UPDATE : UPDATE: Merrin has nixed the whole “project foreman” idea. Dang! She says the guy has a really nice fence around the rest of his yard so we don’t want to “piss him off”. Yeah, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. She’s so material.

UPDATE: UPDATE : UPDATE: The last update was a joke. Except for the part about not getting to use the lounge chair and bullhorn. I have been cleared to get the guy a beer if he wants one, however, so that’s something…I guess. 🙂

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