MT Buttons in Mozilla

One of the things I don’t like about blogging in Mozilla, is that the little (B) (I) (U) (URL) buttons in the MT edit window don’t appear. I’ve become so used to them in IE, that sometimes I won’t even post to my blog when I come across something good — just because I’m in Mozilla.

Well, thanks to Pinder @ Blogzilla, there is an easy way to make sure the buttons/actions are available in MovableType’s edit windows. You can follow his instructions for the hack, or download his template file directly.

Hat tip to the almighty MovableBLOG.

1 thought on “MT Buttons in Mozilla”

  1. Thank you very much. Your page here was the first one that showed up in a google for “movabletype mozilla edit buttons”.

    And it works very well, thank you very much.

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