Matrix Reloaded Rocks

With the neighbor fixing the fence, Merrin & I were able to head out for a date night packed with hand-to-hand combat, shape shifting, and great visual effects — and that was just at dinner! Speaking of dinner, I would just like to take this opportunity to say Rain Forest Cafe sucks.

Let’s be clear: Rain Forest Cafe sucks. You’ve basically got a Chuck E. Cheese rip off restaurant with bad animatronics, poor food, and even worse service. But some people are really smitten with the place. RFC is mostly geared towards tourists, so I presume that these three issues are not going to be resolved any time soon because – what’s the point? Most of the people eating at the restaurant aren’t going to be coming back anytime soon anyway, right?

OK, back on track.

Merrin and I went to dinner (three guesses as to where!) and then we saw Matrix Reloaded. It so rocks! If you liked the Matrix, you’ll go nuts for Reloaded. I still can’t believe some of the effects that they’ve got in this movie. The combat scenes are amazing. They’ve done a really good job with the story line and continue with literary references to help further develop the characters (both old & new). Great! Great! Great!

The only downside to seeing it was now I have to go see it again. Suggestion to Warner Brothers – save us the trouble & sell DVD’s of the movie at the theater. I’d gladly pay top dollar for the DVD today versus having to go to the movies four/five times. 🙂

And, thanks to Robyn’s heads-up tip, we got to catch the ultra-cool preview for Matrix Revolution. I’ve got to buy her a drink for that one!

While we’re on the Matrix kick, Brad Choate has an awesome Matrix skin redesign working at his site. Not sure how long it will be up, so go see him today!

5 thoughts on “Matrix Reloaded Rocks”

  1. Does it count that I had to point out the literary references? One must read in order to comprehend the allusions…

  2. I totall agree about the DVD at the theatre. I will be going back again in the next day or two to finish understanding the film. RFC is such a joke… definitely touristy.

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  4. had a neat little story about a scene in The Matrix Reloaded. When Trinity is trying to hack a computer in the matrix, she uses a real scanning tool (Nmap) and a real exploit (SSH V1). Yea! No C-code hacking, ala “The Recruit”. 🙂

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