Liberal Press Revisionism 101?

CNN, which I used to view as being just barely liberal, has now begun actively trying to revise history for questionable means. The “Why?” question has some really ugly potential answers, so let’s start with “What?”

In reporting a terrorist attack in Casablanca, CNN is reporting, “Three booby-trapped cars exploded in front of the Belgian consulate, according to MAP, and another bomb exploded near Casa D’Espangne, a Spanish social club and restaurant. Both Belgium and Spain were allies of the United States and Britain in the war against Iraq.” The story is being reported exactly the same way in the TV coverage.

Belgium was not an ally in the war against Iraq. Belgium sided with European neighbor France in opposing NATO support and officially opposed UN support for a war with Iraq. The White House lists all coalition members here. Interestingly, the rest of the report is balanced and (presumably) accurate.

So the real question is why would CNN intentionally distort Belgium’s role in the war against Iraq? While there has always been an anti-Spanish vibe in Morocco because Spain once ruled Morocco as a colony, an attack against a Belgian target is a relatively new & unusual occurrence. By falsely reporting that Belgium was a coalition partner, is CNN is attempting to tie the recent terrorist attack to the war in Iraq? Why?

Hat Tip: LGF