Fate can’t wait to kick me in the butt

Warning: You probably shouldn’t read this.

Just yesterday, I used this forum to broadcast a warning message. Today, fate has officially kicked me in the butt. While my new neighbor has been spared a tragic run-in with the dogs, apparently one of his offspring was not so lucky.

This has been very upsetting to the wife, so I’m not going to say much more. We are very sad. The dog certainly didn’t mean to hurt the baby rabbit. Everyone is sad.

19 thoughts on “Fate can’t wait to kick me in the butt”

  1. Worse – it was the baby bunny. We didn’t even know there were babies. 🙁

    Merrin called me and told me and…I really thought she was just trying to pull a fast one. It was really sad. Apparently the dog just kinda pounced and nudged it. She didn’t eat it or anything, but I guess she may have jumped on it or something. I have no idea how it happened exactly, because we’ve both been very careful to keep an eye out. But, like I said, we didn’t even know to look out for babies.

    Muy sad.

  2. I am extremely upset about this. The worst part is that you thought I was making it up, even though I was sobbing on the phone with you. Heartless.

  3. Wait, there’s more. I couldn’t just leave it out there, so I had to move it to an alternate location. Then Kev asked me if he needed to bring home carrots, and I thought he meant for stew! Turns out, he just wanted to provide the wabbits with a healthy last meal.

  4. You weren’t sobbing – you told me that you threw it out in the front yard after you scooped it up with Tupperware. Then you asked me to bring home some carrots and potatoes for stew. I asked you where the baby rabbit was and you said it was in the front yard, but not to worry because the “vultures will eat it” and “it’s the circle of life.”

    Don’t you call me heartless, woman!

  5. That is so very much not what I said. I said I didn’t want the dogs to get it. And all I asked you to pick up was a loaf of bread. {sniffle}

  6. And I said, “I don’t want the circle of f’ing life in my front yard!”

    I’ve been crying & upset and now your making jokes.

  7. OK, I made one little joke to try to cheer myself up. The poor little bunny and now you’ve got a stand up routine going.

    Final warning – one more joke and it’s comments off.

  8. Ok, I know this is a sad subject, but you guys are seriously cracking me up. I had to read the whole thing to Sam, and now I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. ROFL!!! (literally)

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