One of my absolute favorite things to watch and/or Tivo is Eco-Challenge. If you have never seen Eco-Challenge, watch it tonight. You will not believe what people will voluntarily endure just to compete against themselves and the other teams (to a lesser degree).

Eco-Challenge is not a game show. It is not a race. It is not a competition. Eco-Challenge is simply the incredible story of the human spirit. Don’t miss it – tonight on USA Network at 10P Eastern/9P Central.

2 thoughts on “Eco-Challenge”

  1. The guy who produces Eco Challenge, Rob Burnett, is the same guy who brought you Survivor and several other incredibly lame, “reality TV” shows. The first Eco Challenge was most excellent, and aired on the Discovery Channel. Since then, he has turned more into showing the, “drama” in all of it, and not so much the race and the struggle against it. Just a personal opinion, but I liked it before he made it into another reality show.

  2. I would agree that it’s softer now than it was the first year we watched it. If that’s what they have to do to ensure they get funded, I’m OK with it. That’s the price you pay to get it on the air – as you will note that other adventure races run throughout the world aren’t making a splash in TV, even on Outdoor Life or other channels.

    Even with the cheesy voice overs, I love me some Eco!

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