Spin me, baby

Crest SpinbrushI got to go to the grocery store without the wife today. That always means a few new disccoveries that aren’t on “the list”.

My big find today? I’m finally a convert to the Crest® SpinBrush. OMG! I’ve heard people talk about these little toothbrushes, but after trying it – WOW! It’s like getting a dental cleaning in every brush!

A couple of interesting little tidbits, for those that are interested. You use the Spinbrush just like you’re regular toothbrush. If you can brush your own teeth, you’re qualified for this one. It just so happens that part of the head spins to give you an even better cleaning. It uses two “AA” batteries (included) and you can replace the heads. I think I ended up paying $5 for it, which is more than a regular toothbrush, but…WOW! My teeth and gums are so happy!

I normally don’t get too worked up about my toothbrush, but this thing ROCKS!

6 thoughts on “Spin me, baby”

  1. Dude! We have those for our travel toothbrushes and have the Sonicare for home. To me. The Spinbrush feels like I got my teeth polished at the dentist office, however the Sonicare makes me feel like I got my teeth cleaned.

  2. I have a sonicare and love the thing.
    The dentist did, too. Said it did a killer job of cleaning the teeth..he didn’t have to do much.
    When i don’t use the sonicare, I have one f those brushes that have the rubber ‘gum massage’ bristles. aah, massage…

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