Sign of the Beast?

You know it’s going to be a bad day when add the following to your normal work day:

  1. Pay taxes.
  2. Take out trash.
  3. Take clothes to cleaners.

Let’s examine that again, within the context of today being “Tax Day”:

  1. I’m paying taxes,
  2. my stuff is going out on the street,
  3. and I’m (literally) surrendering the shirts off my back.

Isn’t this supposed to be a sign? Should I be expecting some huge grasshopper invasion or something?

4 thoughts on “Sign of the Beast?”

  1. I still don’t want to talk about all the troubles I’m having with MT 2.63. Suffice to say that whenever I build an entry, I end up with a server 500 error. Merrin (who’s using the exact same db& install on the exact same server) has no problems at all. GRR!

  2. Frogs first, then locusts. 🙂
    Regarding MT troubles- 500 errors are usually a result of permissions not set correctly.
    If you haven’t already, try re-uploading the cgi files as ASCII then make sure they are all set executable (755 or read/write/execute).

  3. Thanks for the tips. As you will note from my comments in that both are using the same install, the trouble is not a server-side, script related problem. If it were, nothing touching that script would operate. I’m parsing through other potential troubles.


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