More than just a rumor

Your Miller Lite Catfight commercial “guy” (and I still don’t understand why I’m #1 on Google et al) has some news for fans of Kitana Baker, Tonya Ballinger, and the catfight commercials.

There is at least one new Miller Lite Catfight commercial. It has one of the guys actually getting into it with Kitana Baker. That’s immediately followed by the same guy getting into with a big sumo-esque guy (in the girls version). There is also a rumor that there is at least one “latin” version of the original commercial. As of right now, I can’t find these being available on the internet. If I do manage to find them, I’ll post some links.

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Note to self: I gotta make this a category so I don’t have to keep linking all these things!

UPDATE: All the Miller Lite Commercial posts can now be found in one convenient category…here.

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