More Blogging with Windows Media Player

Everybody already knows that this site uses the great SongWriter plugin for WMP to display my “Now Playing” music list. It’s a cool tool, for sure, but kinda out there on the “geeky” edge because you need to be able to code the plugin output into your webpage. Let’s face it, not everyone with a blog can put code on their page – even relatively simple coding.

Microsoft has created a plugin of their own that allows you to drop WMP’s currently playing song into your blog post. It looks pretty simple to use and only requires a little work to setup.

To use the plugin, you need to be using a blog client that will support the plugin. Microsoft says that wbloggar does, along with a couple others. I mention wbloggar because it pretty much works with most of the blog backends out there, including Blogger and MT (Movable Type).

If you’re looking to paste your currently playing songs into your posts automatically, you might check out Microsoft’s new blogging plug-in.

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  1. I have been told by Erika to go tell the bloggers I love that I love them. So, I LOVE YA, MAN!!! (Yes, too many blue moons) LOL! Seriously though, I really enjoy your blog, your comments you leave on my site, you make me laugh, think. You rock! Thank you! 🙂

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