Monday Wrap Up

First, why blogging works. I had lamented that I knew nothing about my niece to be. Now I do. See? Blogging works.

What? Oh yeah, that. So my niece is due in 5/6 weeks. I’m pumped. We’re going to Florida in late may to watch her sleep, crap, and eat do whatever it is babies do. Kailey Anne Donahue will be my brother & sister-in-law‘s first child. Heck, it’ll be my family’s first baby since the aforementioned brother. I’m just praying it looks more like Courtney than Brian.

Let’s see. What else is up? Oh yeah, Jenny from work is getting married. She and her boyfriend fiance were on vacation in Europe and he proposed. She was totally shocked. She’s absolutely glowing. I’m really happy for her.

Another Jen (not my other sister-in-law, mind you) deserves her props. Maybe she’ll stop by here and know I mean her specifically. Her blog makes me laugh.

Rumor has it that an anniversary resort vacation may be in the works. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors. I can confirm that our 3 year wedding anniversary is coming up on the 29th. This site claims that leather is the traditional gift of choice for third anniversaries, not resort weekends.

Regardless, have I mentioned that I’m still the luckiest man alive. This December will be nine years since our first date. Nine years. Nine. Years. Nine. Feels like nine days. Like I said, I’m the luckiest man alive. Luckiest. Man. Alive.

6 thoughts on “Monday Wrap Up”

  1. Oh no! We don’t have to have the “Who’s the luckiest” argument again do we? :grin
    And for what it’s worth: I’ll take a resort weekend over leather any day of the week. You’re the absolute best in the world, and I love you more than life. :love

  2. I said the luckiest man. You’re still the luckiest. :wink

    <SNL Commercial Parody>
    Resort Weekend?
    Why choose when you can have both!
    </SNL Commercial Parody>


  3. I have to correct you, as I know first hand: babies CRAP, eat and sleep. Not sleep, crap and eat. 😉 (Yeah, sleeping is definitely LAST on their list)

    And stop. You guys are making me nauseas. (just kidding!!)

  4. aaawwwww you two are so cute….

    Sounds like alot of trips coming up… be sure not to touch anything… wear rubber gloves and do not pick your nose or touch any part of your body or …..

    OOps, sorry got off the subject…

    Have you bought your niece a present yet?

    I recommend a pony… the stuffed animal kind or a giraffe…

    ya’ll be careful out there…

  5. Nine? Years? Well, next January will be 9 years since Josh and I met. How weird is that? (of course there’s this little technical detail that makes our situations different. We didn’t date until 2 years later). But still! Can’t wait to hear more about those rumors of the “anniversary resort vacation” that Merrin is going to get go on!

  6. Yeah, I can’t wait to hear them either. And, if she does go on a resort vacation, just think of all the time I’ll have to spend relaxing at the house! :grin

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