Lone Star Park Recap

Merrin talked me into heading to the Shrine last night, despite my concern that it was going to be invaded by the redneck & biker crowd. In retrospect, I’m really glad I went because last year’s hot streak continues into the 2003 racing season.

We arrived in time to catch races 3-10. Merrin got the party started by hitting a couple of $2 show tickets in our first race. I ended up with six winning tickets in the eight races we saw (two $2 trifectas and four $2 exactas). So after all the beer we could drink, some park food, parking and admission, we came home well on the plus side of $300. Not bad for a night of $2 bets.

Needless to say this is just the first of several trips out to Lone Star Park this summer for the thoroughbred season. Who knows? Maybe the DFWBloggers will plan some big trip, hmmm? Hope to see ya there!

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