Crazy Mad Skillz!

Be warned, appliances and other household mo-fo’s: I got the crazy mad husbandry skillz!

What a Saturday! First there was the 7:00a trip to Target to avoid the rush of Flower Mound house-fraus. Had to scout the comforters and valances that the wife might want to put in play with the new paint in the bedroom.

Inspiration had come last night when Merrin had said, “We can’t paint the bedroom the color of your shirt.” She clearly left my shorts as an “in-play” option so I was scoping the neutral earth tones for khaki/stone/neutral that she could accent with her beloved reds, golds, and whatever future colors might strike her fancy. The trip to Target confirmed my hunch as most of their new bed linens looked great next to my shorts!

Once my color pallet was sufficiently honed, I busted it over to Lowe’s for some color matching and brought home a quart of paint to throw up in a test pattern.

Since my darling wife was still snoozing, I put down the spring weed ‘n feed out in the yard, much to the delight of the pups who watched from their respective windows in the living room & foyer. Something about seeing their old man work that Scotts spreader really brings them a zen-like peace.

Once the wife was awake, I revealed to her my mastery of the color pallet. Her response was typically sleepy wife, “Bliakjfskl jasflmn gdkjlkljewrkjljkj,” so I knew that I was good to go. Once the paint was on the wall, she was all, “Cool. I think you could use that in the living room, too.”

Yeah, I got an eye for this, baby!

So, I hoofed it back over to Lowe’s for a couple gallons and some tools (gotta have the tools!) Got back just in time to prepare lunch for my missus (Note: Need to stall out a little more next time.)

After lunch, Merrin headed to work and I started throwing up the paint. BAM! Just like that…the bedroom is jamming! Even without new linens the colors from our current comforter set are popping! I know Merrin’s gonna LOVE it when she sees it. She’s gonna have so many ideas. Woo-hoo!

Let’s see, what other husband-duties need doing? Oh, yeah. The showdown with the ice maker. Zap off the old compression nut and fire up a new one with a converter and…BOOYA!…who want’s a margarita on the rocks?!

While we’re at it, I know the wife delights in her occassional resort getaways because of one of our most under-rated amenities: The Westin Heavenly Shower. (In fairness, the Heavenly Shower rocks! But the Heavenly Bed, it’s the shiznit!)

Now, we already have a single head, owe-so-wonderful Speakman shower massage just like the Westin showerhead, but one isn’t two, is it? So, to take husbandry to the next level, I’ve got two choices: Spring for the Heavenly Shower @ $130 (less a little employee discount!) or…make my own. Just a hint of what I’ve got in the works.

Like I said: Crazy, mad husbandry skillz! Hmm, how to celebrate, snacks or beer?!

7 thoughts on “Crazy Mad Skillz!”

  1. You wouldn’t just be popping over to France, would you? I’ve been struggling with the hall for 5 years and you do a bedroom a day!!

  2. As requested:Yes, it’s neutral. The trick here was we went from a grey/blue “color” (using term loosely) to something we can build on. With the bright red, golds, greens that Merrin is known for plus the rosewood furniture, this room is gonna be awesome. I can see some beautiful silk pieces going in there!

    Regarding exporting my skillz to France, hallways are easy: connect the dots. Unite the colors from either end of the hall.Accent each within the hall with great rugs, sconces, photos, table.Find a signature piece (mirror, tapestry, inlaid table) that makes the hallway unique.Just throw something up. If it’s good, coool – you’re done. If not, it’s just paint.

  3. Dang … listen to you… do you have a single older brother? If not… Hey Merrin can I clone him… I want one. I will call mine Jack so we don’t get them confused… I mean mixed up.

  4. It sounds wonderful. I bet you write for Vogue or something. If there are any spare clones going I’ll have one!!

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