Coming Soon!

OK, admittedly, this is more for me than any of y’all. I’m getting to the age where if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember it. So, coming soon to this space:

30 Years in 30 Days
Yeah, I’m growing older but not up. I was talking it over with Merrin and I’m gonna post 30 or so stories that you probably never heard, but played a pretty critical role in screwing me up this badly making me the person I am today. I’ll be creating a special archive for these entries, so you can find them all in one neat, little place. It’s all a precursor to my 30th birthday ((hint)): May 30th.

Bluebonnet Photo Contest
I’m just hoping that when I get home there are a dozen or so entries waiting in my inbox. The digital photo contest was a spur of the moment decision, so I’m thrilled that some people have actually submitted photos! Again, the contest runs through May 1, 2003.

Further Website Developments
I damn near managed to break the whole thing to hell when I upgraded MT and converted the database on the same day. So, I think we’re going to avoid too many changes. I don’t think the “shareholders” would approve of such a meltdown, what with Blogshares going live next week.

For those of you who come around every so often, thank you. My blog begins it’s third year later next month and with the “30 Years in 30 Days” project, I hope to repay your love!

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon!”

  1. Looking forward to your stories, and seriously, well does my bluebonnet photo have to be one of my own? or can I borrow one from somewhere out there? there just are zero bluebonnets near my home, or anywhere on my way to and from work. i guess i’ll submit a crappy one from last year.
    Where’s the birthday party being held?

  2. OF COURSE it has to be your own photo! Heck, I could go download some! What I suck at, is taking the picture. So I recognize it takes talent. If you’ve got a picture you took, of course you should submit. Even if it sucks, the odds are pretty good you’ll finish in the top few! 🙂

    Re: the party. Rumor has it that a multi-state bender is in the works. Hey, you only go XXX once!

  3. Hmmm…all of our old photos are on our website and if I enlarge them to 600×800 they get blurry. I think may I have one I can submit.

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