Bluebonnet Contest Reminder

Just a quick reminder for everyone with the day off or a half day, I’m giving away two passes to Six Flags in Arlington to the winner of the Bluebonnet Photo Contest. All entries must be received by May 1, 2003 – which means you’ve got this weekend and next weekend to get your best shots!

Click here for more information on how to submit your digital photos!

2 thoughts on “Bluebonnet Contest Reminder”

  1. Thanks for the info on bluebonnets, nothing like our blue bells but really pretty just the same.

  2. So, with my 1/2 Day off, I was gonna go find some of those Texas Flowers and take my photos for your contest. However, when I went to get my oil changed @ 11:30 they tell me that I had 2 recalls, so I agree to get them fixed today. Instead of waiting for an hour and a half, I took one of their loaner cars. On my way out, the director of Marketing calls and tells me we have all the paperwork we’ve been waiting on and wanted to know if it was possible for me to come back and cut a check for this person. So I do. After that I leave to go run some errands, and remember that I left my whole set of keys in my car at the dealership. So, I couldn’t go by the house to get the things I needed to run these errands. I go run the one errand I can and after that it’s almost 3:15 so I drive to the dealership hoping my car is ready. At 4:20 I left and just got home. What a freakin half day off I had. I know. I know. TMI,

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