Blogshares Update

Since Blogshares is going live from beta on May 1, I thought I’d give a quick rundown of both the Big Kev Empire and a shareholders report.

Big Kev Empire: – MAJORITY OWNER Victim of Leveraged Buy Out (OUCH!) – MAJORITY OWNER
Just as I thought
Kim’s Songs
Kim’s Blog
Mr. Grouchy Pants – great name, huh?
Kill as Few Patients as Possible – Dr. Bradley
MT Shareholders:
Kim Novak
Protect and Gamble
Jonah M

8 thoughts on “Blogshares Update”

  1. I know that a lot of people are playing around with Blogshares. I kinda hinted in this post that the site is “going live” on May 1. Well, here’s the skinny if you haven’t heard. You get to keep all the money you’ve made up until that point, but you will not get to keep any shares you own.

    What does this mean? There’s going to be massive sell-offs starting next week. I’m selling a lot of my holdings. So, if you find out that I sold your stock, it’s nothing personal. I’ll buy ‘ya again after May 1st, I just gotta pick up the extra cash!

  2. This just in, Merrin just booted out my majority interest in her blog in a leveraged buy-out! Who knew Blogshares could be so vicious! I went from owning my wife all the way back to zero!

  3. You talkin’ to me? Are ya feelin’ lucky? Well, are ya, punk?
    Don’t mess with the bull, young man; you’ll get the horns!

  4. I figured out the sell off thing and already starting selling things off. Another thing that’s supposed to happen (I think) is we will be awarded 1000 shares in our own blogs. So having the share price high at that time is also a good idea. So sell it all, but keep the share price high! Yeah right! 😀

  5. Yeah, I am trying to get rid of all my stock before a mass liquidation occurs, but the 20 transactions per day is limiting me!

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