Behold, the power of the Internet

First there was, one woman’s plea to the world to send her money so that she could pay off her credit card debt. A few web links & emails get passes around and …poof… she ends up collecting $20,000 from strangers and paying off her debt. (At least that’s what we’re led to believe. I believe it, for what it’s worth.)

Of course, SaveKaryn led to Save Karyn (the book), because we all need the blow by blow account that this treasure is sure to reveal.

Well, behold the power of the Internet as a woman has raised $4,500 from strangers to get a boob job. The detail oriented reader will note that it took just 4 1/2 months to get money for melons.

So, c’mon. It can’t be this easy. If I wanted to lay wood flooring in my house (which I do – btw), you’re telling me that I could start a “Help Kevin Lay Wood” fund and …poof… money would just start pouring in?! Give me a break.

Y’all have been on the internet for a while. Why are strangers willing to give each other money to indulge their wants? Is there a rational reason? Is a sign of things to come? And, most importantly, what selfish indulgence would you raise money for?

10 thoughts on “Behold, the power of the Internet”

  1. I like the “Help Kevin Lay Wood” fund best. Just kinda has a ring to it. Maybe if I lay enough wood we could go to the islands with the leftovers – you know, just build a raft or something. 🙂

  2. If I could have the funds available I would send all the kids of single parents to college…

    oh wait that was my answer to the “Miss USA”/”Miss America” pageant question… but since I never got to use it… I think that would be a good thing to raise funds for….

    yeah like people would donate to that site… so how bout pay for the kiddo’s golf lessons so she can get a college sholarship … still to sincere…

    Oh wait, what about a new vehicle? think “joe public” would go for that?

    ok… I would like a piece of the wood floor action and carpet for 2 bedrooms… thanks

  3. I know what you mean but, frightningly, I think it really IS that easy. Have you ever been checking out of the store and seen the bins on the counter full of little junk/toys – you wouldn’t really consider buying it… but it’s only a nickle… a kid might like it… so you do? I think it’s like that.

  4. Unlike Karyn, Josh and I have paid off our debt in the last 15 months by building a budget and sticking to it. Which is something I’m proud of. Had I done it Karyn’s way, I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror. So, I guess by that, you know my answer to the last question.

  5. On principle, I agree with Camille. However, I really do think that if people are stupid enough to spend their hard-earned money on getting women (whom they don’t even know) boob jobs, then they deserve to be poor. Me, I wouldn’t ever donate my bucks to something this shallow, but there are some men that obviously have no problem with it, which raises a bigger question: Why is it OK for this woman to willingly out herself through the pain of plastic surgery just because a bunch of people from the internet said she should?!?!?!

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